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Varsity/JV Girls Basketball vs. St. Mary's


The varsity girls' basketball team defeated St. Mary's last night in a physical contest 41 to 34. Alana Fidler led all scorers with 13 points and added 7 rebounds. Mariah Medina tossed in 9 points, while Aliyah Caporini contributed 8 points and 8 rebounds and Hannah Vitaz tallied 7 points and 5 boards.


The junior varsity girls' basketball team defeated St. Mary's 38 to 20. Deana Blatnik paced the attack with 11 points and 7 rebounds, while Lilli Schuster added 10 points and 4 rebounds. Sydney Schuster scored 6 points and Emma Houser added 5 steals.


The Lady Charger basketball teams are back in action tomorrow at Margaretta at 1:00. Hope to see you courtside.


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Varsity Roster

Varsity Head Coach:Tracey Moyer; Varsity Assistant: Brenda Friend

4Ashley Sneider125'9"
5Sabrina Downey125'3"
10Catie Houser125'5"
22Mariah Medina115'6"
23Emma Houser105'5"
24Aliyah Caporini95'7"
25Molly Houser115'8"
30Alana Fidler115'10"
31Hannah Vitaz115'10"
32Sam Smith115'9"
42Sydney Schuster115'10"
44Jessica Stoll115'10"


Junior Varsity Roster

JV Head Coach: Mike Moyer; Volunteer Assistant: Dino Caporini, Sr.

5Emma Houser105'5"
10Piper Nickoli105'3"
21Kaitlin Nealey105'6"
22Lilli Schuster95'7"
23Danielle Blatnik95'2"
24Lauren Neher95'6"
25Jayla Medina95'6"
30Sierra Colvin95'6"
32Katelyn Chenevey95'7"
33Deana Blatnik95'7"
34Sydney Schuster115'10"
44Annabella Klima106'1"





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